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1984 - 2019

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As President of the National Dog Warden Association I would like to welcome you to our new website that explains the work of Animal Welfare Officers / Dog Wardens within the United Kingdom. Established in 1984, NDWA is an association committed to the promotion of responsible dog and pet ownership and the important and continuing role of Animal and Dog Wardens in the 21st century.

NDWA acts as a beacon of excellence for its members within which they can exchange ideas and views and advance dog warden services to the government, public and other animal welfare organisations. Normal duties include the enforcement of dog related legislation including those within the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Members also advise the public on their legal duties regarding pet ownership and visit schools to talk to children on animal care.

We proactively network with the National Animal Control Association in the United States and also the Western Rangers Association of Australia addressing shared issues and developing international good practice.

National Dog Warden AssociationMembers of the public who have lost or found a dog can also use the NDWA website as a one stop shop for advice on what to do. As the national website you can search for information in more than one region - dogs do not know when they have crossed from one county to another and in some cases they may have been taken to a different region.

Sue Bell,
President of the National Dog Warden Association

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