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What To Do If You Lose A Pet

The National Dog Warden Association or the NDWA is frequently contacted by members of the public who have lost a pet. Below is a general Q & A helpful tips section:

Q. I have lost my dog - who do I contact?

You should contact as a matter of urgency the Dog Warden for your local authority area. If you are on holiday or away from your own area, then you should contact the local authority in the area where you lost your dog.

Q. I know where my dog is being held by a finder but they will not give it back to me, how do I resolve this?

Check with the local Dog Warden as to whether the dog has been reported by the occupants of the address as being found. If your dog has been kept by the finder and the Dog Warden knows about it, the person at the address must return the dog to you. If you have adequate evidence that the dog held at the address is yours, your dog may be being held illegally and the Police are the correct authority to assist you with getting your dog back.

Q. Who else can I contact if my dog is missing?

You should contact your neighbouring local authority Dog Wardens as your dog may have wandered or been taken into an adjacent area. You should also think about contacting local veterinary surgeries, search your local area, tell neighbours and friends and also ask local animal rescue centres if your dog or pet has been handed in to them. If not give them your contact details and a full description of the animal.

If your pet is MicroChipped or Tattooed then you should contact the relevant microchip service provider or reunification service to alert them that your pet is missing and make sure they have your correct contact details eg

PETtrac Database 0800 652 9 977
Petlog 0844 4633 999
idENTICHIP 01904 487 600

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