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Mon, 21 Nov 2016

Nigel Baker, Chief Exexutive of the Pet Industry Federation had this to say about Dog Wardens recently in an article entitled 'Time For An Even Playing Field' in the November 2016 magazine Pet World Business:

'The PIF is also asking that all inspectors undergo training and hold appropriate qualifications, because in some cases for example, the responsibility of inspecting pet shops and boarding establishments has been carried out by Dog Wardens.'

Oh my God, not by Dog Wardens, Dog Wardens haven't been allowed to inspect a kennels where dogs are kept!!!

Dog Wardens who come from a plethora of animal backgrounds therefore haven't been involved with animals and presumably therefore must be clueless about animals.

What must Mr Baker make of those licensing authorities who don't even use lowly stupid Dog Wardens to carry out the inspections but use staff who are not even involved with animal related issues less for going out to inspect a pet shop or a boarding establishment.

Far from treating Dog Wardens with such disrespectful comments perhaps Mr Baker and his PIF would like to work with the National Dog Warden Association to address the issue of mere Dog Wardens being allowed to inspect licensable animal activiies.

The pet industry is far from perfect otherwise there would be no need to licence particular activities.

NDWA exists to promote the best level of knowledge and skills in our line of work and we will protect our Dog Warden.

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