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AVID Pet MicroChips & UK PETtrac MicroChip Database

AVID / PETtrac are the main NDWA sponsor.

UK pet MicroChip suppliers since 1992, AVID supplies MicroChips to dog wardens, rescue centres and veterinary practices. AVID also manages the 24hr UK PETtrac Database.

Pet MicroChip Reunification Services
Of particular interest to Dog / Animal Wardens is TEXTtrac, an SMS based pet MicroChip reunification service and our mobile reunification apps for use whilst out in the field.

Pet MicroChip Scanners
AVID provides a range of pet MicroChip scanners, which for dog wardens are great because they are compact and portable, but at the same time have a good read range and read all 4 current MicroChip standards.

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