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About The National Dog Warden Association - NDWA

If you have suffered from a dog theft or are looking for a dog lost whilst out on a regular walk then the members of the NDWA are the first organisation you should contact. They not only have in-depth knowledge and experience in animal welfare and control, including current legal legislation, but their role includes liaising with members of the public who are the main animal finders - the vast majority of whom are true animal lovers. A regular scenario is that they will find a dog lost or roaming in the streets with no obvious owner in sight. They quite rightly contact their local authority and the dog warden will then take responsibility for the animal on behalf of the local authority they are employed by.

The NDWA exists to give members such as Animal Control Officers and Dog Wardens a forum, both formal and informal, within which to exchange views and ideas. NDWA also exists to promote the work of dog warden services and related issues through media, our in house publication "Dog Warden News" and this, the NDWA website.

NDWA Membership is open to anyone who has responsibility for the control and care of dogs in the community and Associate membership is provided for local authorities, organisations and companies that are involved in the provision of dog control services.

The NDWA is totally committed to the belief that nobody should handle dogs unless they have received appropriate training or are already suitably qualified to do so. We also expect employers not to allow Dog Wardens to carry out any related animal enforcement duties for which they have not been correctly trained.

We will also robustly defend members and Dog Wardens from those organisations whether governmental or private, from trying to impose unachieveable objectives on them and from negative criticism that is aimed at their role in society.

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