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Tue, 01 Jul 2014

The National Dog Warden Association supports the aims and objectives of Royal Mail Dog Awareness Week that runs between 30th June-4th July 2014.

NDWA has contacted members and other Dog Warden colleagues and asked them to consider carrying out a Dog Safety Talk at their local Sorting Office for Royal Mail staff. NDWA Chairman Neil Burton carried out a Dog Safety Talk at Dunstable Sorting Office in Bedfordshire to over 70 Royal Mail staff.

Dog Wardens work to promote responsible dog ownership through a combination of education and enforcement right across the country. The raising of awareness for the need for dog owners to keep their pets under control when Royal Mail staff and other workers call at their properties is of the highest importance due to the number of attacks and serious injuries that have resulted in recent years.

Sue Bell, NDWA President said "dog owners have a clear duty to ensure that their dogs do not attack or harass lawful visitors to their homes." "The law relating to dog attacks occurring on private property changed in May 2014 and now dog owners can be prosecuted as a consequence of failing to control their pets if they attack a lawful caller" she continued.

To reduce the risk of attacks on Royal Mail staff and other callers to homes with dogs, NDWA recommends:

Ensure that dogs are not allowed to be free and unsupervised in the front garden of a property.

If possible, consider placing a wire basket over the letter box or even erecting an external post box near your gate or on the wall of your property, this will help keep Postal workers and dogs apart.

Distract the dog with a toy or a treat during the postal delivery.

If you have to open the front door to accept a large delivery, make sure your dog cannot get past you to the caller.

The most important thing to remember is to not let your dog have the opportunity to harass or attack visitors to your property.

NDWA Senior Policy Officer Dave Griffiths has also written a "Keeping Safe Around Dogs" booklet especially for workers whose role involves calling at properties where dogs may be.

You may download a copy of the booklet by clicking here

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