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Fri, 19 Jun 2015

Monday 29th June 2015 is the start of the Royal Mail&rsquos 3rd Dog Awareness Week. The National Dog Warden Association supports the initiative and NDWA members and other dog control colleagues who work for Local authorities will be working with Royal Mail carrying out Dog Safety Talks around the country.

NDWA along with Royal Mail and other supporters of Dog Awareness Week strives to prevent dog attacks on delivery staff and asks dog owners to remember the following when the postman/woman calls:

Keep your dog indoors when the Postman/Woman calls to deliver.

- Put your dog in another room before opening the door to collect or sign for an item from the Postman/Woman.

- Don't let children open the door to the Postman/Woman as dogs can push past children and attack.

If you have a back Garden close of access to the front when the Postman/Woman calls.

If your dog attacks the mail when it comes through the letter box fit a letter box cage to protect the Postman/Woman's fingers and the mail.

If you want your dog to run loose on you property fit a secure Mailbox on the edge of your property.

It is now a criminal Offence if your dog attacks the Postman/Woman on your private property. There is a possibility this can lead to court action.

NDWA President Sue Bell said, &lsquoThe National Dog Warden Association supports the right for delivery workers to work in safety free from the risk of dog attacks. Nobody should have to go to work wondering whether or not they will get through a shift without being attacked by a dog.&rsquo

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