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Mon, 11 Feb 2008
The National Dog Warden Association is asking members of the public as well as members and fellow dog control colleagues to be aware that bogus officials are claiming to be in one case Dog Wardens.

Reports are being received of people impersonating council workers and police officers in relation to dog related issues. At the moment, these bogus people are operating in England, but it must be assumed that this type of scam occurs all around the United Kingdom.

A woman and two men in a large white van picked up a 92 year dog walker's dog and told passers by, they were Dog Warden's and the man needed to contact the local council to reclaim the dog. Needless to say the local council had no idea who these dog thieves were when contact was made between te dog owner and the council?

Two men in a small white van posing as environmental health/police officers in the Reading area recently gained access to a member of the public's house. The men claimed they were investigating a nuisance complaint about dogs in the next door property and had the legal right to enter the house.

A similar scam is also operating in the Midlands, two men in a van are claiming to be from the local council.

All local authority workers as well as contractors working on behalf of acouncil as well as police officers should be carrying identification. If they do not have any identification with them, do not deal with them until you have confirmed their identity by telephoning your local council offices or the local police station.

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