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Trust Me I May Be A Dog Warden But I Do Know What I Am Talking About!

Sun, 22 Jun 2008
NDWA member Dave Griffiths called at the recent RSPCA Dangerous Dog Conference in London for Dog Wardens to be treated with more respect by their council bosses and for their jobs to be given a higher profile.

An NDWA member has contacted NDWA to express frustration at being doubted by a 'professional' person where the NDWA member works.

A dangerous dog prosecution was prepared by the NDWA member, evidence gathering, supplying statements, the usual preparation of a file that is then sent off to the council legal department for further action.

With only a couple of days to go before the case was due to be heard, a solicitor for the council informed the NDWA member that 'no council has ever brought a dangerous dog prosecution, it is down to the police' (or words to that effect)

Naturally when you have to choose the word of a learned 'professional' within the council or that of a Dog Warden, who are the bosses going to listen to?

Luckily the NDWA member contacted NDWA and received several advisory emails from NDWA members that pointed out that local authorites AND the police can bring dangerous dog cases to court.

Amazingly, it turns out that later that day the 'professional' contacted our NDWA member colleague and said that local authorites CAN prosecute dangerous dog cases!

Wow, you learn something every day don't you, epsecially if you are a member of the legal profession!

The moral here is that when you are being brow beaten by the bosses and other 'professionals' at work contact NDWA as we can usually find an answer to the question or issue you are facing, even if it is not going ot be the answer you may have been looking for.

In this instance it is clear that the experience and knowledge of a 'mere' Dog Warden was not sufficient to point out to the council they can indeed prosecute under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

We are not a trade union but we are a grouping of people who work as Dog Wardens and Animal Welfare Officers to provide mutual support to our members and will stand up against any anti-dog warden comments from whoever, the government, organisations or members of the public.

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