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Why NDWA Has Pulled Out Of Crufts 2009

Tue, 07 Oct 2008

Sue Bell, NDWA President

As an association commited to the promotion of responsible dog and pet ownership in the United Kingdom, NDWA was left with little choice but to act swiftly as a result of the allegations made during the recent documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

In solidarity with other organisations whom it must be remembered we have not always seen eye to eye with on a variety of issues over the years, the momentous decision was taken to not attend Crufts 2009.

The decision was taken even though without a shadow of a doubt it is the biggest and most prestigious canine event attended by NDWA during the whole year.

Members work hard over the four days to promote responsible dog ownership and the role of the dog warden in society and their commitment and dedication shows the importance NDWA places on being at Crufts.

The decision for us as an association to not attend was a corporate one and in no way prevents any members from attending Crufts or any other Kennel Club events.

There are times in life where it is necessary to stand up and be counted however difficult this may make things, for us as an association, this is one of these times.
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