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Tue, 06 Jan 2009
NDWA has been invited to speak on 24th March 2009 at the Westminster Briefing at the extremely important seminar 'The Next Steps In Implementing Animal Welfare Strategies: Effective delivery through partnership' This really is an opportunity for practitioners, local policy makers, civil servants and local government figures to debate key issues with people who work in the frontline of animal welfare and animal control on a daily basis.

To this end NDWA is asking members and colleagues to contact it with any thoughts and ideas appertaining to the following issues that will be addressed at the seminar:

· How to define the balance of welfare responsibilities between various groups such as owners, users, consumers, local authorities and stakeholder organisations, and how to build effective and coherent partnerships between all these actors?

· Now that legal restrictions are being removed, how can local authorities work across their boundaries to strengthen enforcement?

· How to ensure that advice, information and training to both animal keepers and the wider public from Central Government, local Government and animal welfare groups presented in a joined up and uniform fashion, so as to present one clear message?

· How to ensure consistent, efficient and transparent enforcement in relation to areas such as dangerous dogs, to encourage best practice?

· What are the most effective and appropriate means for animal welfare groups and other stakeholders to represent their interests and participate in policy and programmes? How can we ensure a strong and valuable presence for these organisations?

· How to draw the line between initiatives where central or local authorities should play a central and critical role, and other where they should act more as facilitators and enablers.

Please forward any responses or comments to as soon as possible but by the first week of February 2009 at the latest.

This truly is an opportunity for Government both local and central and their policy makers to learn about the sort of issues faced by Dog Wardens and Animal Welfare Officers in a number of areas when we are working.

Comments will remain anonymous but may be used to get the NDWA message across in the subsequent presentation.
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