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Fri, 08 Mar 2013

The National Dog Warden Association and buying and selling website are working together to prevent puppy farmers or other irresponsible breeders attempting to use the website to sell their dogs or other animals inappropriately. 

Preloved has agreed a reporting mechanism that should any NDWA members have any concerns regarding an advert on its website relating to the sale of animals then it will investigate fully, and work with the NDWA members in dealing with the concerns raised. 

Ian Buzer, Managing Director of Preloved, said, We already have a range of stringent processes and some of the industry's tightest checks in place to ensure that the welfare of animals on Preloved is given the highest priority. This partnership with the NDWA is a great opportunity to extend this even further.

The move by Preloved is welcomed by NDWA as a positive wider step towards promoting improved animal welfare standards in the UK and breaking the cycle of unscrupulous individuals who profit from the exploitation of animals.


NDWA acts as a beacon of excellence for its members within which they can exchange ideas and views and advance dog warden services to the government, public and other animal welfare organisations. Normal duties include the enforcement of dog related legislation including those within the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Members also advise the public on their legal duties regarding pet ownership and visit schools to talk to children on animal care. is the UK's largest independent classified advertising site with over five million unique visitors a month. It has thousands of adverts in over 500 categories. Preloved works hard to ensure that it is a safe place to find a loving home for a dog, cat or other animal, and includes lots of information and advice in its animal welfare section &ndash


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